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This life is a chance to learn about people, find out about India's temples and rituals. Gotachance is conceived to feel proud of the Indian Heritage and encourage new India to particiapte and contribute. To learn what tasks need to be done and what temples there are to renovate and rebuild. Join, and share news about current activities taking place. That is right! Chances are you have come across several opportunities that sounded great and provide people with a chance to discover Life as it was meant to be! Now here is a chance.

We meet amazing people during our life. I met Prakash Bhandari, a ShivaGhan on the way to Rudranath. At an altitude of nearly 2200 meters, on the Himalayas at Panar. He provides shelter and also makes food for the pilgrims.

"Build your people and you will build your business. People will want your approval first and your advice second. Do both. A that order and you will find that they will like you and willingly follow your suggestions." - Jack M. Zufelt

Do not hesitate to speak. Share your opinions. Learn to be wrong. Move up in understanding. If you do not speak, you may never get to realise the other point of view. Learn to know what you know and how well you know it.

Overcome the fear of Death
Most of us human beings fear death. This is inspite of the fact that we all know that we are not immortals. We dread all kinds of diseases and beleive in doctors to cure them. But, there is a place on earth which can help one to overcome the fear of death. The place is called "Himalayan Mountains" in India. A trekking expedition through the "Himalayas" helps in strengthening the mind...Join our group and Take the journey of a lifetime.


"I exist to Learn" - Sankaran Sivaramakrishnan

"Anyone who stops learning is old., whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young "
- Henry Ford



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Get a New Chance Here

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Whether you seek Self-discovery, adventure or philosophy, only the BELIEF gives you the Chance.

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Get your instincts to taste the dose of your eternal craving for adrenaline. Hear your soul speak to the rythm of the solitude.

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Why India should become Manufacturing Powerhouse ?

The best way to predict future is to create it- Peter F Drucker

India has a massive workforce, an emerging supply base, and access to natural resources needed in production—notably, iron ore and aluminum for engineered goods, cotton for textiles, and coal for power generation. The country could become a viable manufacturing alternative to China in industries ranging from apparel to auto components and might even dominate some skill-intensive manufacturing sectors.

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How You Can Effortlessly Sell Your Business in Less than 7 days

Do you want to sell a business? Do you want to sell it fast?

For a business owner Selling a business is the most popular exit strategy. Either there are no successors or to make quick money the decision is made to sell a business. To put it differently some family owned businesses may not want to continue the business; or they may want liquid assets at a certain point. Whatever the reason you want to sell yours, we can help you to Effortlessly Sell Your Business in Less than 7 days.

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Adventure on the Himalayas and other trekking explorations

I seek adventure on the Himalayan Mountains for philosophical reasons and for self-discovery. To find the true self or to hear the soul the Himalayan Mountains are very conducive. Such is the power of the place that even a casual visitor can feel the aura of mysticism in the air. Join me on the Adventure trekking explorations on the Himalayan Mountains. Pilgrimage yatra to the abodes of Lord Shiva. We make an attempt to bring the travelers close to the ancient culture and traditions in the high Himalayan region of India. This journey comprises of regions rich in natural beauty, old culture and traditions and ancient temples.

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